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hi stoped the painting outside. I did get the trim primed at least. Depending on the weather tomorrow I will be painting inside or outside but I will be painting. I have not felt well for the last several days. Not sick, just stuck in the all most sick. I think it is my sinuse infection again. Here goes nothing tomorrow is weight in day. So will post tomorrow with good news hopefully, or bad news wither way I will be here tomorrow. Have a great Sunday.

1 drink 8 cups of water-y,y,y,y,y,y
2 post everything I eat.y,y,n,y,y,y
3 post here at least once a day.y,y,y,y,y,y,
4 exercise 4or more times. y,n,y,y,n,y

you can see why there may abe a gain tomorrow.

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