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Yes I know I have been MIA even though I said I wouldn't! No time, no time, crazy hectic. Such drama! in the family! Anyway, things are settling in the past couple of days. I need to get back to an exercise routine.

libby good news on the eyes. Did you have laser surgery? My son had "cross linking"...he can't see any better and may not it was to stop the progression.

Jenn, I never count housework or yardwork as "exercise" - even doing wood. I know that it burns calories but I still think some formal exercise has to happen. That being said I personally have been deficient in that regard the past couple of weeks. I plan to get back to swimming and walking next week. I am doing yoga daily but that is for other reasons and doesn't really burn much for calories.

Despite the lack of exercise my eating is fine and I am still 4 pounds below goal weight. I must be at a plateau. I am weighing in regularly as I am definitely afraid to gain (bleh)

Call out to Mike and any others doing a we want another walking/running challenge? I'd be game. I have to be careful WHERE I walk right now, it is hunting season and it does not feel particularly safe on the trails right now.

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