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hello all. Another cold rainy day here. I got myexercising in. It about the last thing on my list to do today. And so I made my self do it. Feel better now that I have.
Libby way to go no glasses. I only need them for driving. Way to go if you don't have to use them at all.
Noodle Berry(NB) You are always welcome here. It doesn't matter if you are neww here orand old hand at this.I found that by logging everything I eat I realized just how much I was eating. And that 10K way to go. You will make it .Think Positive!

1 drink 8 cups of water-y,y,y,y
2 post everything I eat.y,y,n,y
3 post here at least once a day.y,y,y,y
4 exercise 4or more times. y,n,y,y
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