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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum...
I'm really struggling to lose weight (I've put on almost 3 stone - 38.25lbs - because of medication). I look and feel like sh*t
I've tried doing Insanity, but found it difficult to stick with because I'm doing it by myself (and because I hadn't lost any weight after doing it for 1 month). As I was totally disheartened I did absolutely nothing for 2 months (and put on 2.5lbs). Anyway, decided yesterday enough was enough and went out for a 'run' (I use that term very loosely!). I managed to run for 10min (very, very slowly); walked for 5min then ran for another 5min; then I just walked the rest of the circuit (about 4 miles).
I have tried running before, but always gave it up after a bit because I never got past the whole 'I hate every minute of this' feeling... A girl I work with (who has lost > 5 stone - >70lbs because of running) has told me it's because I never gave myself a goal. She reckons you can work up from nothing to a 5k in approx 6 wks; personally speaking I think she's on drugs if she thinks that...!! However, I've taken her at her word, so last night I signed up for a 10k It's a 'Santa Dash' and it's on on the 8th Dec; so that gives me 10wks to train... I figure if I even manage to run for 5k and walk for 5k I'll be happy. Still not sure if I'm crazy or just plain stoopid only time will tell
Anyway, sorry for such a long post! Any encouragement/tips/anything whatsoever will be gratefully received - Cheers!
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