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Hiya try not to dwell on the statistics. I once used one of those computer analysers and was informed i was carrying 6stones of pure fat. I was disgusted and did nothing but feel sorry for myself for ages. Ive since lost alot of the weight I was carrying then but still not at my goal.
The point i wanted to make is that scanner said that my ideal healthy weight is somewhere between 8st 8lbs and 9st 3lbs for my 5ft 3in height but i definately do not want to be that small. I personally want to reach 10st 7lbs basically because i still want my curves and id like to have flesh around my bones. This doesnt mean ill be unhealthy id have shifted 6stones from my frame but id be happy in myself and be the weight i choose not what some computer tells me.
We all have a choice as individuals to desire any size body we want and we dont need pressure from anybody or any machine to stop us from achieving our personal goals!!!!
It isnt a surprise why ther is so many people suffering with eating disorders and body complexes when our heads are being filled with having to be a certain way. Whats wrong with people looking how they choose?
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