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Hello everyone. It was not a very active day. Spent the morning watching the plumbers wrok on the cold water problem got my shower working, but not my sisiters. Will have to have a new facuet and internat parts, means a hole in the wall. Had to do that to my shower a few years ago.
Tomorrow is major house work and exercise tape. It will be cold and rainy for the next 2 days it will only be in the 50's, but by the weekend it will be in the mid 70's. That's weather in Idaho.
Libby glad things went well on the eye surgery. Eyes are something you don't want to screw up. I was thinkiong just a couple of days ago that it has been 13 years since I had mine lasered. I only use my glassed when I leave home. I need them for driving. Went from 200 20 to about 50 20.
Dmarts I had reeses peices today. They tasted so good. But it put me just a touch over my max. Have to really work out the rest of the week.

1 drink 8 cups of water-y,y,
2 post everything I eat.y,y,
3 post here at least once a day.y,y,
4 exercise 4or more times. y,n
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