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well today my knee is very tender. So that messes with the exercise today. I could not get the good knee brace on it is to small. Iti is my left leg and it is bigger then my right. We had a block party tonight. they had a life band and anice lay out. I went for the french fries and did not eat the corn or had a hamberger bun with the meat for slopping joes. I went for salad and friut . had a nice time.

My goals this week
1 drink 8 cups water min,m=y,t=n,w=y,t=y,f=y
2 log everything I eat, m=y,t=y,w=y,t=n,f=y
3 exercise at least 5 times,m=ytuesday back went out,w=y, t=y,f=n
4 at least 5 fruit and veggies,m=n,t=n,,w=y,t=y,f=y
5 send out at min 3 resumes

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