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Originally Posted by mishashiv View Post
I am well aware that I may sound crazy, but I feel I keep getting myself in the same situations that are not serving me and I don't know how to change them. Right now, my diet is wacky because I am pregnant. I have been gaining a lot of excess weight due to feeling the need to eat in social situations when I don't actually want to. It is making me feel sick, upset and not good about myself. It ruins my mood, energy, and the way I feel about myself. I constantly get put into situations where I don't want to order or eat certain foods, but don't know how to say that without being an annoying friend or guest. But, i feel awful afterwards. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, any advice? I have a problem asserting myself in general, but this is really bad.
You don't really need to eat extra during your first trimester and should only be eating about 300 extra cals during the rest of your pregnancy if you are within a healthy weight range.

If you are over or under weight your doctor will recommend how many cals you need to have each day.

The "I'm eating for two" way of thinking can too easily be used as an excuse to justify overeating.

Maybe think about how you want to be healthy and active for your child, when tempted by food that you don't need. I also wouldn't worry about what your friends think if you politely decline food. You are the one that is pregnant and trying to stay healthy for your baby.

If they are annoyed that you turned some food down so what, that is their problem not yours.
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