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Default Hi Mindy

Hi Mindy I'm Meghan I just had my second baby August 19th. I know it is hard to look at your body the same way after a baby but your body is wonderful and produced 3 great children. What a gift that is. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling unsupported. I hope that you can find some support from other women here.

I lost 12 pant sizes using Fitday after my first pregnancy in 2004. It took me a long time. There is no quick fix to losing baby weight. We have to be patient with ourselves and our bodies. Don't feel bad about not the breastfeeding, I was only able to BF my children for four weeks. I formula feed now.

Be patient and kind to your body. You are not disgusting. You are a carrier of life

This time around I am going to aim for 1600-1800 calories a day plus walking 45 minutes a day. I have around 15 lbs to lose, maybe more, what are your goals?
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