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hello all. Had to run a errand for my brother this morning. That's ok it was raining againi any way. I have tried to keep my calories down. I went to a maveric store and got a diet cook -caffiene free. and was looking at all the goodies. Ii bought a small bag of beef jerky and shared with my friend who went with me and 2 dogs.
I am going to go put in my tape and exercies here soon. My sister and I like chips and salsa. We picked up some fresh salsa at the store yesterday but forgot the chips. Found out a way to make you own chips. Take the corn tortilla 2 are 80 calories. Mern you could use your reduces carb tortilla. You cut them into 6 pieces each and spread out on baking sheet. We sprayed pam on the foil and after get laid out spray the tops and add as little salt or as much as you want. Bake in a 375 oven preheat first and takes only 4 minutes on one side and turn over and and 2 min. on the other side. They are a whole lot less calories and can make as much or as litttle as you want.
Jenn sorry about the kidney problems. hope things get better soon. Nyda
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