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I have already run both days this week for a total of 6 miles so far. Up a lb from yesterday but it is most likely th eeleventybillion gallons of water I drank yesterday. I busted on my calorie count yesterday (sigh, that reeses cup was AMAZING) and hit about 2000. Need to keep it at 1600 today. I am doing a high protien diet for three days to boost my metabolism.... might not go over well with the IBS but I have drugs for that!

I had a most inspirational occurrance at the gym yesterday- I was being goaded by my trainer to try a pull up and when I told him "I CAN"T!" a gorgeous fit young woman steps over and says "You CAN! Put your knee in my hand." with her assistance I did two! My trainer was grinning at me after and said "I told you so!". The gal looked over high fived me and said "We women can do ANYTHING!". Totally made my day!

My trainer says I will do a pull-up on my own within a month. We will see...... I could almost do one in basic training.
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