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Would love to join all of you in your posts. I lost 30lbs last year and I could use a little support. I have gained 10 of it back and I need to re-commit. Evenings are my tough time. Any tips would be appreciated. I think part of the problem is I'm tired. I am 53 and sleep and I are not the best of friends these days. I think I eat at night because I need to go to bed but I feel bad about saying goodnight to my husband when he just gets home at 7:30. Truthfully, though-- I really need to get in bed most nights by 9 so that I can get up early to workout before work. Any suggestions for a evening routine that will encourage a restful sleep? Does anybody else struggle with this? Oh Here are my stats.

Goals this week are
1. Post in forum daily
2. Log everything I eat
3. 64oz water daily (16oz with each meal--and one at work)
4. No eating "after" dinner
5. 6 workouts a week
5' 4" female
HW 145 Jan 2012 / Reached GW Dec 2012 108
Jan-Summer 145/135
Really committed in August
Aug-Dec 135/108
Stayed that way until torn meniscus end of May
May 108
June 113
July 115
Aug 118
Sep 118
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