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Unhappy I'm carrying around...

58.11 pounds of fat!

Seriously, I just measured my body fat percentage (just using an online calculator, so probably not extremely accurate)...

My body fat percentage is 33.40
Pounds of body fat = 58.11
Lean body weight = 115.89

That is disgusting. Talk about a freaking wake up call. FIFTY EIGHT POUNDS OF FAT. That's like walking around with my pit bull attached to my hip (that's the only thing I could think of that weighs 60 pounds lol).

I am seriously very disturbed by this notion. Eww.

SW: 176 (ehh...we'll go with 05/01/10)
CW: 163(10/15/10)
GW1:155 (2/15/11)
GW2:145 (04/15/11)
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