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Oh jflamingfeet, It is so hard to work on fitness when you are sick, I hope you are feeling better by now. Sorry about the 5 K, I hope you make the next one.

Good work everyone!

I have been working out very lightly because I hurt my back. I was down .4 this week. I am making recipes from Skinny Vegetarian cookbook (not putting milk in either) it is a good change of pace to stick with some new recipes instead of my standbys, I am hoping to shake up my metabolism with it. We will see in a few days at weigh in.

mmbrown74 I am sorry your husband is not being supportive right now, that is tough. A heart to heart might help him see that you need his help in this, that you need to be a team. Maybe asking him to be your weight loss coach, or something like that, would help him to share your success.

Good work LChang3, I hope that is still working for you.

Hope everyone else is still working on it and winning the good fight.
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