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Smile How much have you lost?

As a follow-up to the other thread where you can say how much you plan to lose, log here how much you have lost!

I'm a man, 5'10", and I've lost 12 pounds in the last 17 days. I know that's faster than I should be losing it, but anyway, the fat is going!! I'm just paying attention to what I'm eating, counting calories, and exercising daily, about one hour per day.

Before, I've tried Atkins, and lost weight, but gained it back. Now, I am making good food choices eating normal foods, including more fruits and vegetables, and losing weight!

Who else has lost weight, and if so, how much? Don't compare yourself to anyone else who may have lost more or less, as each person and each situation is different. This is a place to come and mark your accomplishment, big or small!
DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an expert in nutrition, fitness, or exercise. Any advice given is only meant to be helpful based on what information I've gathered, and should not replace any medical treatment or any other true advice you may get from another source. Take it with a grain of salt, and then log that in your Foods tab!

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