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Wow, a tough week for illnesses.

Thanks to those who supported me staying. I will keep on here at least for a while. It's clearly good for me and if I can offer suggestions well .

I must say I never had much trouble with exercise. Not because I had a buddy but because I enjoy it. Find something you enjoy! If you have trouble being motivated. I know, easier said than done. I will snowshoe when the snow comes. If I am struggling with exercise it's simply about time.

First day in of morning yoga. I have done this before and I know how good it feels. Just gotta get out of bed in time to have time (ugh).

On the diet pop, everything I read says it is awful for your health and for weight loss (sugar cravings, etc). I was totally addicted to diet coke. I quit several years ago and have not even had a taste of pop since. No doubt I am healthier for it.

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