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Correction: I didn't gain eight pounds since my last doctor visit. The medical assistant said it was eight, but she was wrong--it's an increase of eleven pounds to the tune of 214 excess calories per day for the past six months.

Mel-Mc, nice Wednesday report. Kudos on the walking and calories, and even on your Mt. Dew detoxing attempts, but I also have found my Diet Coke helpful in washing away the sinus junk draining down my throat. I think I'll try some club soda tomorrow (or some carbonated water with no sodium in it). Oh, golly, that's not a 64 oz. bottle of Mt. Dew, is it? No, I don't have an exercise buddy, but I do better without one, except if I'm in a class at the Y or on my aerobic walking exercise DVD at home. Wishing you comfort while the allergy season lasts. UGH!
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