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I am woefully behind in reading this week's thread. My apologies to those of you who are so faithful to posting and keeping up with everyone.

I have to come back here and STAY back here. I went to the doc this morning for a followup consultation since my routine blood tests last week. I already knew from my online med chart and the doc's online comment that the tests came back good and she was very pleased with my previously high blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride numbers being reduced to normal and very near normal without meds. BUT she didn't know until today that I had gained another EIGHT POUNDS in the past 6 months. This was the third checkup in a row that I showed weight gain, yet had great blood test results.

All we can figure is that my excess calories to make me gain 8 lbs. was coming from extra protein and good fats, but too much of anything good can also be bad... 8 lbs x 3500 calories to add a pound=28000 calories divided by 180 days equals 156 extra calories per day.

[Edited in later: it wasn't an 8 lb. gain--it was an 11 lb. gain. The corrected math says I was overeating by 214 calories per day for six months. ]

Our plan of attack is:

1. (Her encouragement first--that's the kind of doc she is: ) Keep up the good work on limiting my daily carbs to 25g net, dietary cholesterol to 250mg, and sat fat to about 10% of total daily calories as I learned to do pretty much from memory


2. Log everything to be sure I'm not exceeding 1600 calories per day.

3. Exercise 150 minutes per week--whatever I want to do as long as it is legitimate exercise and however I want to do it--5 days for 1/2 hour per day or just keeping track of how many minutes I exercised on whatever days.

4. Come back for a weigh-in in three months.

So those first three are my simple goals for this week.
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