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Hi Corte! Nice to have you on this thread.

So, exercise: I've had some knee issues the past few weeks so not doing anything at the moment. Used to swim regularly and do dance classes. Will resume swimming when knee feels better. Any impact activities I am leaving until I am at a much lower weight. I feel exercise and continued monitoring of eating habits will be key in keeping the weight off eventually. I believe exercise makes you healthy but doesn't necessarily make you lose weight in itself. You need to decrease the energy consumed for this to happen.

To be honest, my calorie intake is similar to a VLCD (very low calorie diet), between 500-800 calories a day. I believe this is key to the success. I've been drinking a popular brand of smoothies packaged for children. I make my own veggie juices and mix up whatever's there, usually carrot, apple, kale, cucumber, and squeeze in a lot of lemon. Sometimes I add radish, broad beans, etc. I'm getting a new juicer, so hopefully it will be easier to juice the leafy stuff.

Needed a little motivation today, found an interesting medical journal article on total fasting from 1973. Gentleman lost 276 pounds in 382 days, went from 456 to 180. Five years later he was only at 196. There's some motivation for you. I have heard though that vlcd, fasting, etc, only works in the long term if you get to your ideal weight during the plan. And when I say ideal, I mean bmi of 19-25. Here is the link:

I'm not advocating total long-term fasting, this one was medically supervised. But when you think about gastric banding, as I did, it basically does the same thing, putting you into ketosis. Atkins/low-carb puts you into ketosis as well as vlcd. And when you are in ketosis you don't have hunger pangs. Gastric bands put you into ketosis through making you eat a vlcd diet, this is how they work.

Peter Attia, M.D. Has a great blog that discusses ketosis and other weight loss issues. Ketosis, if you are not a diabetic, is not harmful according to info in his blog: Obviously, everyone is different and you must consult your doctor before undertaking any new health regime.

Have a great day!! X x

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