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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Hi All

I didn't post any goals this week, but thought I'd like to check in. I just really haven't figured out what to do for goals now. I know I should have them but I don't know what.

I have decided to do a yoga challenge (with myself) of doing it every morning for the rest of this month. (I always did it but usually at night and morning IS better). I know I have to keep up my other goals (water, vegs, etc). I have lost 2 more pounds since I reached goal. But I am struggling about what to do about eating since I like the fact that I am off treats and eating clean.

Anyway, I didn't want to just "disappear" from this thread as I find it disconcerting when others have. Libby, great news on the gym, Mel-mc, good luck with the allergies and Hope get cracking woman! Best wishes to everyone on the thread, hope it's a good week.
Robin, ya gotta stay with us!!!! You're an inspiration!!! Plus yoga challenge sounds like a goal to me. Just because you reach ideal weight does not mean you stop having goals!!!

Originally Posted by JediMindTricks View Post
Can I join in? I know the week is half over, but I didn't want to wait until next week started.

My goals are to get to the gym with Thing 3 (nickname for kids) at least twice the rest of this week. Also, I'm going to try replacing all my diet soda with Crystal Light. I'm not a huge fan of it, and love love love my diet soda, but I'm wondering if the caffeine is hindering my weight loss in some way. So...

1. Move more
2. Less caffeine
3. Log food
Silly rabbit, of course, you can join!!!!! I love that: Thing 3 for kids. I used to call my DD "She Who Must be Obeyed" (that's came from a friend who watched Fawlty Towers years ago.)
Diet soda is bad on so many levels, not the least of which is that it makes you hold on to weight. I had to give it up and I like having something sweet to drink sometimes. There's a soda Zevia, sweetened with Stevia or sometimes I have a small amount of grape juice in seltzer or just flavored seltzer.

Originally Posted by libby116 View Post
Welcome Jedi. These are not the droids you're looking for. Sorry just had to say that. I'm just a syfy freak. I used to love my coke zero. It was my every day drink but just one can a day. I gradually cut down to one a week for a treat but last month I cut it out all together. I get fewer headaches and less sugar cravings. I have had the same chocolate bar in the freezer for 3 weeks and only eaten 3 squares of it. I drink water with lemon slices all day long.
Robin: Don't you dare disappear on us. You've been there and you know the ropes. Please give us all the advice that you can to help us make it too. Love ya girl.
Hope, Nyda, Mel, Great goals for the week.
I need to work more fruits and veg into my day.
That was funny. But I agree about the diet soda and about the infrequent treats (chocolate in freezer) and about Robin. Don't leave us, girl!!!

Originally Posted by mcallahan757 View Post
Well, I kept my calories ALMOST where I wanted them yesterday. The drinking is what put me over the top. Darn Angry Orchard and your delicious hard cider!!!!

I am trying to keep at or under 2000 Cal.
I am so freaking hungry!!!! Or, maybe thirsty? I drink a lot of water though.

I am really enjoying reading everybody's goals and I want to keep up with mine.
Yeah that Angry Orchard is yummy but it was a one time (or rare) thing, right? I have been crazy hungry too. Is it something in the air? Can we blame autumn? Though today is hot and humid here so maybe not...

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