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Originally Posted by jennygoodman View Post
Lol...I kind of giggled when you said you were trying to become addicted to running/elliptical. I'm going through that same struggle right now! I have an elliptical machine in the spare bedroom, and the only time I am motivated to use it are at completely inappropriate times (ie, at 10pm when I'm laying in bed and have to get up at 5:30am; or at 11am when I'm sitting at work and can't do anything at all!). Then when I am at home, I have no desire whatsoever to do anything. *sigh* I would probably do better at this workout thing if somebody would handcuff me to the darn machine!
I'm capable of addiction, I just know I am, but getting addicted to working out hasn't happened in years. Now handcuffs, that's shear genius!!! Why didn't I think of that?

I've been getting up early to get my workout in. I usually manage to get 30-60 minutes in, but it seems like I always get started late, so by the time I get done the kids are up and making the usual demands. So the last half of the workout I'm huffing and puffing, shouting orders at the kids and probably driving my blood pressure sky high because I'm not breathing the right way or something. And the later I get started the worse my day starts I swear, because I end up just flat out behind schedule and scrambling - which doesn't feel the least bit "healthy" if you know what I mean. I can say now that the last time I missed my workout 2 days running, by the third day I hurt all over. So slowly but surely my body is getting used to it, and hopefully soon I won't be able to consider going without it at all. Fingers crossed.
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