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I am feeling much better today. I got out and mowed the front and then I walked all over the place and sprayed out 4.5 gallons of herbicide. We have 2 vines around here that are nasty and I hope I have weakened them enough to kill them off this winter.
I know I need to keep up the exercise -at least 5 times this week. And also need to drink my water. Have a good start today.
Okay here's to changing habits. I have a bag of white chocolate m&m's. I pured out a small amount and took to my bed room. Then had to go help with dinner. Did not know the time,so when I got back into my bedroom I ate all of 2 and that was all I wanted

Goals this week are
1. exercise 5 times min.
2. drink at least 8 cups water min.
3. Log every thing I eat.
4 post at least once a day.
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