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Hope, thanks for starting us off. Great goals and plan!

I'm joining the ranks of those suffering from the pollen allergies-- but minus the sore throat. I just feel like my head is going to explode from the pressure even though I took meds as a preventive like doc told me to. But at least I don't have a headache--just pressure, so I'll count my blessings nonetheless.

I'll do as much exercise (up to 30 minutes) as I can do and will eat on plan.

Breakfast: turkey sausage, zero cholesterol egg substitute on a low carb tortilla
Snack: protein shake
Lunch: tuna salad on bed of fresh spinach
Snack: unsalted almonds
Dinner: casserole of baked chicken, low carb pasta and low carb roasted red pepper sauce, green beans, sugar free jello with fruit
Evening snack--don't know yet--something low carb and high protein
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