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Default hormones?

Can hormone imbalances play a part in difficulty with weight loss? I had my blood drawn a couple weeks ago to test various hormone levels, one being testosterone for low energy, low libido and fatigue. They are checking my thyroid too. Every time I've had it checked before it's come back in the "normal range", but this dr. is saying that although it may be within a certain range, it may not be optimal, so they are going to take a closer look at it. I don't know if hormones can play a part or not, and it's still a couple more weeks until I go back for the results to ask more questions. Also, I am only 42 and I'm wondering if I'm going through perimenopause, so if anyone has experience with that who may be able to give their thoughts...I am normally very regular on ttotm (every 26-28 days). Last month I was 12 days late and when it did start it was hardly anything at all. This month I've had some cramping but still already 5 days late. And the weirdest thing too is that for the past few months I've had skin breakouts on my shoulders, which I have NEVER had before, even as a teenager. What gives? I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on these things. Oh...and no I am not pregnant. I'm cut, cauterized AND tied. lol So I'm just wondering if all this "aging" crap is making it more difficult for me to lose weight.

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