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I'll have to try that SmartTaste pasta. If it tastes like regular, that would be fantastic! I have been trying not to eat as much bread, also. And this last time I bought bread, I bought the whole wheat 9-grain stuff (I know, not low in calories, but at least better for me than just regular ole bread).

Yesterday I about died (in a good way) - I just randomly decided to weigh myself at 5pm, which usually results in me weighing about 5 pounds more than I usually do, due to eating, clothes, etc. So anyway, I step on the scale...and I weighed 175.2! Usually I weigh like 179 if I weigh myself in the afternoon!

So okay, maybe that's not a HUGE accomplishment, but considering I didn't eat my best yesterday, and I still didn't weigh as much as usual, I felt a lot better about myself!

SW: 176 (ehh...we'll go with 05/01/10)
CW: 163(10/15/10)
GW1:155 (2/15/11)
GW2:145 (04/15/11)
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