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Default Low Carb Diet?

I started eating low carb today.

I've been following a 1500-1600 calorie diet for a couple of months, and I've managed to lose a whopping 4 pounds.

But the most reason I need a low carb diet is because the effect sugar -- or anything that dissolves to sugars -- have on my bladder.

Even eating the relatively low carbs (around 100) that I kept with the calorie-restricted diet plays havoc with my bladder, so I thought I'd try eating very low carb, so today I took in about 25 carbs. (I know it isn't Atkins induction-level, but I have to be realistic about how I eat, and use what I have at home.)

The day included a one-mile swim (as three days a week do).

When I took my blood sugar after swimming for an hour (three hours after a breakfast of eggs and bacon, but before eating lunch), my blood sugar was 135.

I forgot to take a reading the rest of the day, but when I took my blood sugar at almost bedtime (and therefore almost-time-to-take-my-dose-of-insulin) it was 211!

I'm guessing my body is releasing glucose like crazy to counteract the fact that I'm not putting any in through my stomach, but what do I do?

If I eat foods with any carbohydrates to speak of, my bladder rebels. If I eat absolutely NO carbohydrates, my blood sugar peaks, which will release sugar into my bladder, and it rebels.

Not eating anything at all is NOT an option!

Anybody have any ideas for me to try?

(For what it's worth, I'm a 60-year old woman, with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes since 2009 -- diabetes since 2004 or so. I'm moderately active.)

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