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Newbie here. I used to be a real gym rat back in the day, then I got my heart broken and almost purposely set about getting fat. Oh, I didn't go "okay time to get fat". But I did say "well, no sense in staying fit, I'm single and probably will never find anyone like that again, so I guess I can eat all the ice cream I want".

Which amounts to the same thing. Over the last 7 years, I've tried and failed numerous times to lose even a little weight. Things have been hectic in my life over the last three years (moved a few thousand miles TWICE! Once from Alaska after 41 years).

Anyway, I landed in Colorado and my new apt. complex has a pool. That and eating better over the summer has me at 12 pounds lighter than ever in the last 7 years.
Now that they've closed to pool down for the winter (ha! it's still in the 90s outside cheap morons!), it's going to be harder to stay active, so can definitely use the motivational advice from others.
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