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Do you drink plenty of water? Sometimes we can feel "hungry" when really we're thirsty.

I have the same problem, my system is backward! I am not at ALL hungry in the morning (when we fat people are told is the most important time to eat), in fact I'm usually a bit nauseated, and only gradually get hungrier as the day goes on. It's super frustrating. If only my system worked the other way 'round, I could be a size 2!!!

Anyway, when the nighttime hungries strike me, I try just drinking some water and frankly I just have to ignore them. Luckily for me, unlike you, once I've fallen asleep, I won't be hungry if I wake up in the nighttime. It's just those evening hours that are hard.

Sometimes we have to just gut it out and ignore it. Oh! I just thought of something that helps me a lot also, good tasting herbal tea. Bengal Spice is phenomenal for helping trick my body into thinking I've just eaten something super yummy.
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