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Default Belly exercises..

Originally Posted by nichaleh View Post
I have some problems doing exercises that involve getting down on the floor (ie crunches) as I have some problems with my back and my pelvis. I am allowed to do any exercise 'that doesn't hurt' according to my doc.
I am looking for exercises that work on the stomach while standing up. I have lost quite a bit of weight so far, (and about 8-10kg to go) but the top half of my stomach, (above the belly button) still hangs over the belly button, and the bottom half is not pretty either! lol.
I was told by a physio that the core muscles that support the pelvis and hold your stomach in have 'switched off' after having my daughter and never turned back on?
Any advice on exercises to target these areas please?
Hi - I have been doing the Hip Hop Abs videos. They are a blast and you are dancing, which for me doesn't seem like working out. They don't work as quickly as strength training or just crunches, but it does work. During the whole video you are constantly contracting your abs and obliques.

As I said, it is not as quick, but it is fun and works for me. Good luck.
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