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Sounds like everyone is having a good day - me too.

I rarely go into the office (mostly work from home) and when I do I get so stressed that I usually come home and eat whatever or order chinese and of course drink several glasses of wine.

think white wine makes me gain weight folks!!

But today I caught myself and I did a short workout as well! I am trying to avert those triggers that make me go nuts and stress (work) is the only real trigger I have.

My focus is plenty of protein and only the good carbs - like wheat bread, veggies and fruits. I am not counting carbs though because in the past I used a high protein diet and maybe 30 grams of carbs a day.This works, however at some point I start craving bread or potatos or whatever and go nuts. So then I have gotta have something and before I know it I have gained back thed few pounds I lost,

So I am trying to stay with something very close to Weight Watchers - only no junk at all. If I eat more than I should - it's an extra boiled egg, meat, yogurt or piece of fruit etc.

My goal to make eating veggies and fruits and lean meats a lifestyle and that's hard.

Hang in there everyone!
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