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To parody an old TV commercial, "I'm not a doctor, I just play one on FitDay." LOL But I'd also like to reiterate that one should not take vitamins or supplements without first discussing it with ones doctor because those things do change our blood chemistry and may affect how any medications and other vitamins, and supplements are absorbed. Too much of anything is not good for us. For example, after reviewing my blood test results, food logs (yes, my doctor actually analyzed my FitDay food logs I printed out!) and reading the label of my low carb protein powder which is fortified with vitamins and minerals, she told me to stop taking my daily multi-vitamin because I didn't need it and an overdose of vitamins and supplements can be harmful.

Hope, thanks for noticing I misunderstood which day you went to the gym. Again, kudos on your water and positive attitude. Ooh, I didn't know any insurance companies who cover gym memberships mandate members going three days a week. Those of us who have any health insurance gym coverage are very fortunate. I haven't been going to the gym--have just been doing my exercise DVD. I need to start planning my meals again, too. I'll preplan today's after I post this.

Robin, I'm glad you have the opportunity to pay for extra optional insurance, but it would be great if you could qualify for some sort of group rate discount. Thanks for reiterating the caution to discuss any dietary changes with one's doctor. That is so important.

Mel-Mc, great eating day yesterday! Way to go! That extra water may help your sinuses by thinning out the congestion. A pharmacist also told me extra water is as good as an over-the-counter expectorant for chest congestion when one has a cold.

Nyda, your Wednesday report is awesome! Well done on making your Sonic burger more healthful, avoiding the fries, and topping it off with a nice peach. Working on a whole box of peaches? If I had a box of them, I'd be making sugar free peach preserves. Yum! I love canteloupe--so glad I can enjoy that, too.

LifeLantern, I love your username and am so happy that you like our group. I try to reply to each post, but there are many days I just have to skim the posts to see how everyone is doing and try to catch references to my name in case someone is replying to me directly or asking me a question. I understood (and I'm sure the others did, too) that you don't think there is just one way of doing things--that you're simply passing along what you've learned as a suggestion of something others might consider. I do a lot of reading, too, trying to work out my eating and health management lifestyles and I discuss proposed changes with my doc. She is amused that I won't take any meds, vitamins or supplements without first researching the risks involved and deciding for myself whether I want to accept those risks. (I guess I'm in a minority of her patients who do that.) When she suggested an additional supplement for me a couple visits ago, she said "You can check out--and I know you WILL--red yeast rice and see if it's something you may wish to add." Then she figured the dosage she recommended for me based on my blood tests and the other supplements and prescription vitamin D I take with her knowledge and consent. I hear you on knowing stuff and applying it being two different things. I know what to do for myself and how to do it, but the fact that I don't always do it explains my continued morbid obesity despite good health. PLEASE DO keep passing along information you've read and tell us what is working for you. We're so glad you're here to share with us.
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