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) Eat better (cut out the junk)- better, not perfect, no,
2) Drink more (water that is) -yes, yes, yes,
3) Gym or walk 3x this week -no no no
4) remain positive - yes, no, YES

Sorry for the short messages. I am doign a lot better. Have not had tme to read posts, only skim. Mern I last went to the gym Sunday - busy week but I must make time. Supposedly my insurance will give me money towards my membership but I must go 3 x a week.

Gotta get diet bacck on track. I was on such a strict plan I am going through total backlash. No excuses; I've got to rein it in, my clothes are getting tight!!! I may need to plan my meals again.

Welcome Life Lantern and Becky

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