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"LifeLantern, welcome. Very nice goals. Good for you for setting attainable ones. I was pre-diabetic and reversed my blood sugar to normal through carb counting. I can tolerate only 25 grams net carbs per day (deducting fiber as a carb that does not affect blood sugar) with supervision from my regular family physician who is pro low carb. Going over a 25g net carbs average puts me back in the pre-diabetic range, but I can lose weight at under 30g net--better yet at less than 25g net carbs. I do 1200-1600 calories per day. I do see your point, though.

Libby and LifeLanted and to whomever I posted this to: I posted here last week or the week before that I gain weight at anything over 25g net carbs. I misspoke. I can lose weight at anything under 30g but do much better at 25g or less. I maintain weight at 30-40g net carbs and gain weight at anything over 40 carbs no matter how low my calories are. But I'm not recommending that low carb to anyone--that's between your and your doctor. I'm just saying what my doc recommended for ME."

Thanks to everyone for the nice welcome. You seem like a nice group! I'm still trying to get the hang of posting and replying and actually finding any references to a post of mine, etc.

I am finally at the point of just trying to solve my own issues with health and weight without having an agenda of thinking what I've learned is correct for everybody. This is a huge difference for me. I'm a big reader and have learned a lot over the last ten years. But of course knowing stuff and applying it are two different things. So I'm very encouraged to be able to talk with others who are trying to improve their health also.

And, yes, one thing that finally got thru my thick skull is that eating in drastic ways is not something I'm gonna do for long. So I'm now trying to be moderate (very hard for me) and try to observe how that goes for awhile, then maybe get carbs a little lower and see how that goes. And however anybody else is doing their way of losing weight or their way of getting healthier-I say "more power to them!" We all are learning as we go along, not only about the ideas out there that can help us, but also how we feel, how our own body reacts. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!
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