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Hi Mern, you're welcome for the chuckle. Medical care here is publicly funded and as a consumer you take what you can get. I have private insurance for "extras" like chiropractic and massage. I pay alot for it because I am self-employed.

Libby: Your CALORIES are low, there's no doubt. It's not surprising that people question them because that's not the "normal" weight loss range for calories. But I wouldn't assume that you are doing something wrong, if you feel good, are losing at a normal rate (which you are) etc. Obviously your metabolism is very low. You could work at speeding up your metabolism (e.g., weight training) but everyone's goals and needs are different. That's my 2 cents.

The whole "low carb/high protein thing" as indicated by Mern should be discussed with your doctor before making any changes, especially with the history of kidney issues.

Hope, short report hope you are doing ok.

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