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Robin, I laughed so hard that I snorted like a pig over your saying you don't think your doc has a computer. I can't debate the pros and cons of Medicare, but I have to say that my own Medicare coverage (for what I've had to use it for but I'm in pretty good health) has gotten better over the past few years, not worse. But it's in the areas of preventive care--I haven't had to deal with any catastrophic illness of my own or DH's.

Mel-Mc good for you for reasserting your goals and washing out the Chinese food sodium. Major kudos on your good health--not just lucky genes--you are also maintaining good health by your lifestyle. Many people with great genes blow the crap out of them (pardon my "French") with an unhealthful lifestyle.

LifeLantern, welcome. Very nice goals. Good for you for setting attainable ones. I was pre-diabetic and reversed my blood sugar to normal through carb counting. I can tolerate only 25 grams net carbs per day (deducting fiber as a carb that does not affect blood sugar) with supervision from my regular family physician who is pro low carb. Going over a 25g net carbs average puts me back in the pre-diabetic range, but I can lose weight at under 30g net--better yet at less than 25g net carbs. I do 1200-1600 calories per day. I do see your point, though.

Libby and LifeLanted and to whomever I posted this to: I posted here last week or the week before that I gain weight at anything over 25g net carbs. I misspoke. I can lose weight at anything under 30g but do much better at 25g or less. I maintain weight at 30-40g net carbs and gain weight at anything over 40 carbs no matter how low my calories are. But I'm not recommending that low carb to anyone--that's between your and your doctor. I'm just saying what my doc recommended for ME.

Hope, I see you're hanging in there. Congrats on drinking more water and going to the gym Tuesday. Major kudos on 2 out of 3 days remaining positive.

Hi, Becky.

Becky and Libby, this is just talking about how different people are and some people (like me) just don't fit the mold. My doc is always concerned that I'm eating way too much protein at 120g per day, but when I cut back to 100g I don't lose weight at all. My blood tests always show my blood protein is just where it should be and any blood tests that would point to kidney problems from too much protein are in the normal range as well. My doc VERY reluctantly gave me a "go ahead" on going back to 120g protein per day, but she is keeping a close eye on it.

Libby, I saw your question and have not used the dietician part of FitDay but only because I work so closely with my own doc on my eating plan.
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