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Talking The biggest loser?

I work out every day as well .. though I have 1 day off and sometimes 2 days off.

What do I do?
- 20 or 45 minutes on the Crosstrainer
or/and 45 minutes dancing (disco)
or/and I bike or walk 45 minutes
or/and Weight training with light/medium hand weights and basic floor work

I also try to stretch a lot. It seems that if I don't do a good strecthing session evrery day - maybe 15 minutes or so .. the next day is miserable on my joints. I am getting old.

Big question. I watch THE BIGGEST LOSER on online TV and those people workout about 4 hours a day. They do much more strenuous work out for those 12 weeks and yes, they drop these huge numbers.

I would like to have my own boot camp for about 6 weeks .. working out 4 hours a day. To me this seems feasible because for the last 3 months I have been doing the above.

I need to drop this weight! What do you guys think?

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