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I have saved all my WW booklets, pamphlets, etc. Recently, I started using the OLD points system. Not points plus, just the previous system that gave you a little slide rule thingy - I have several of those things.

I really love WW. They give you so much freedom - you can avoid this kind of oil, eat this much protein, eat a piece of cake or pie, but you do have to count it.

So why do the slide rule thingy? I am extremely aware of fiber and if I want to 'indulge' in anything, it will be fiber. I always look for it in nutrition information for an item. The slide ruler thingy uses it when calculating points, and I like that (the Points Plus program also uses it, but you're not so actively involved in seeing the calculation).

I am also appreciating the way I keep one number in my head (the daily limit for my points), keeping track of single digit numbers is easy and the counting is easy. I use fitday but I also count points now.

So far, it feels nice to be back on points. The Points Plus program does give you the incentive to 'indulge' in fruits and vegetables and I liked that a lot, but the points system is even simpler for me. And it works - which is the most important thing.

All those pamphlets, etc... so glad I held on to them. WW covers all bases, it seems, when it comes to motivation and encouragement to move your body more, set goals, and they help with coping strategies.

Best tip I have used again and again: rehearsing how I will deal with a difficult situation I know is coming up. If all else fails, I know I will use my 'bonus points' I get for the week, because I never use them unless I think I absolutely must, and then I just enjoy them...
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