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I took a look at your video. What has happened man?

This is'nt the kind of video that I expect to see from you? I guess you need to realise that the differences you will see now are much more subtle. You will clearly see big differences as your fat melts away and reveals what's underneath. Once that is done, all of the big short-term transformations have happened. You are not going to lose much more fat, you are not going to lose many more inches off your waist.

Take a look at the pictures again, and instead of looking for big change, look for the subtle differences. Definition, depth of cut and overall tone have all improved quite a bit.

Perhaps your means of defining change need adjusting.

I am at the start of the journey and have made good initial progress. I know I am going to go through ups and downs, but You know and I know that if you keep doing the right things, even though you cannot see it every day, you will continue to move in the right direction. Don't lose that self belief and start looking for the subtle changes, the big ones are done!
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