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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Welcome, Becky! Wonderful goals--shows you're really planning on working hard. I always say the numbers on the scale aren't important--what's important is how we look and feel in our clothes. I'm only 5 feet tall and at 203 I was wearing a size 18 and I didn't look poured into them. I can see that a five foot 8 lady would look great in a size 12. By the way, my birthday is July 6--and I'm telling my age--I'm 67.

Libby, wonderful that your son has been competing for three years. I can understand that giving up artificial sweetener has helped you stop cravings for sweets. How about the headaches--any fewer? Kudos on the chocolate control. I'm lucky I can get sugar free dark chocolate that I really love. It's great to hear you find a lot of support here. Your reports reflect a very nice job so far this week.

Nyda, best wishes on your legal issues. I don't listen to music much, either, although I do enjoy classical music and gentle symphonies. Loud music, jazz, and rap make me very nervous. Congrats on your cholesterol numbers.

Mel-Mc, Chinese restaurants are one of my worst enemies. I have no control over the mounds of lo-mein noodles and sesame chicken that leap onto my plate--and the sodium level isn't good, either. Sorry 'bout your stomach ache. Big gentle cyberhug to ya!

Robin, I never remember my blood pressure numbers, but they're always in the optimal range. I never concern myself with numbers for any other tests that always run normal, either. I do have access to all my blood test results and vitals 24/7 on my online medical chart through my doctor's office. I really like that. Hey, girl--nice reports so far this week.

Hi Mern!

Thanks for the welcome.
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