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Originally Posted by blackrhino2 View Post
NessaSonic, 0.8 for this week is really good!! think how pissed you'd be if the 0.8 was going in the opposite direction...
yeah- that's why I need to break the habit of setting myself up for disappointment. I kick my butt and know i've worked so hard, so i imagine i've lost way more weight than i actually have when i step on the scale (I'm 212lbs, so I have quite a bit to lose, and I've only lost 23lbs, so i'm still near the "beginning" of my journey). Then i become down even though it's still a loss. I'm finally over one pound for the week, I only have today and tomorrow before I weigh in "officially" on sunday. Someone suggested tracking every single day to see if there's a pattern, because each mid-week i seem to gain a lb or two, then go down a little further than I was before. we'll see i guess...
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