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A new day and I'm reasserting my goals: to stay under 1600 calories and to weigh, measure, and record everything so I know if I keep goal 1. And for today I'm adding a goal of 2 liters of water to wash all that Chinese food sodium out.

To the discussion of our health numbers; I have the lucky genetics to have perfect numbers. Last month as part of a project at work I let them weigh and measure me then check my blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar. The nurse, who actually had her pamphlets on the subjects already out when she saw me POUTED when my numbers all came back not merely good, but optimal. She didn't know how to address my weight issue without trying to scare me on the other numbers. But I've yet to meet any sort of health professional who could. Eventually she shoved the paperwork back across the table at me and told me I could try to get my good cholesterol a few points higher.
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