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I have been eating primal (or trying to) for about... a year now?
Had great sucess in the start, and I still don't eat any grains (except perhaps half a cup of rice a fortnight.... if that).
Still eat dairy but only the good quality full fat cheese and I make my own yoghurt which I have every morning. I stick to *generally* alll organic meat (budget allowing), and steer clear of sugar.
I exercise a few times a week - have built muscle and am definately stronger and happier.
I have lost about 20kgs (45lbs for you Americans!) and have about 6kgs (13lbs) left to go until I'm no longer considered "overweight" by general standards.
Having said that I have been at this new weight and in a plateau for about 6 months! And while I know that everyone's body is different, I really don't think I've reached my "natural weight" because I still have quite visible (grabbable!) rolls of fat - and, most importantly, I'M not happy at this weight.
Anyway, I have started using fitday and in just a couple of days I have seen how I have let a few too many treats creep back into my diet etc so hopefully this increased awareness will do the trick! I'm keeping carbs under 100g per day and one thing I have learnt already is too lay off the nuts and watch the fruit (especially dried!).

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