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Thumbs up Hi everyone!

I am trying again as of 1 September.

My goals:

Calories per day 1600 - 1700
exercise at least 1 hour a day - cardio and fat burning (one day a week off)
30 minutes a day for stretching and weight training
Only have White wine once a week when I go dancing (will cut out about 500 calories so that I can drink about 5 glasses of white wine)
have an activity every other day - like biking to the grocery store etc
3 liters of water a day
6 - 7 veggies/fruits a day
40% Protein comsumption a day

Current weight 265
Height 5'8"
I not telling my age!
Location: The Netherlands

First Goal: From 1 Sep - 15 Jan. 2014 (4 1/4months) 50 pounds
Second Goal: From 1 Feb - 5 July (5 months) 30 pounds

Goal weight 185. (This may like like a lot of weight for a woman but I will be back in my SIZE 12 jeans at 185 and that's all I care about. My birthday is 5 July so I am hoping to make it!!!!!)


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