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1) Eat better (cut out the junk)- better, not perfect
2) Drink more (water that is) -yes
3) Gym or walk 3x this week -no (went to gym yesterday, need to go back slowly)
4) remain positive - yes

Park Ave surgeon, eh Kocia? That was funny about turning off the "meter." I agree with you on doctors; they are just covering themselves. My doc told me I couldn't affect my bp by diet but when I lost 10 pounds, I lost 10 points of high bp. Still trying to get the cholestrol lower than 200 tho (the bacon and egg sandwich I had this morning for breakfast prolly didn't help lol but in my defense: local eggs, no nitrite bacon. I know I know.) My sugar was great last time (94) and it tend to be borderline high (106-116.) And there is everything: heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer and more in my family.

Ok off to start my day
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