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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Wow, Donna, Happy Anniversary! That is so inspirational, hearing about your year of maintenance. For sure, one has to learn a lot about oneself to be able to keep the maintenance and not go too far back to old habits.
'Too' being the operative word there!

Do you have any ideas as to why your cholesterol is still high? Are you genetically prone to it?
I was adopted, so not sure about the genetic part. But I do have a good I idea what the problem is. I had one of those cholesterol tests done this time where they directly measure the lipid components rather than estimating some of them. While the overall cholesterol number didn't change, the culprit was obvious. The chart with "Lifestyle Suggestions" for my "high risk" values state: Limit intake of refined carbs (that would be sugar) and alcohol (whine, I mean - wine). Yup, I knew that, but seeing it in black and white confirms it. Gotta cut back on the chocolates and claret. And the sangiovese, and the tempranillo, and, well, you get the idea.

Goal for this week:
  • Under 35 grams sugar / day: M- no,
- Donna

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