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Fourteen years of running - my third fall on the trail.

The previous times I somehow knew to put out my hands and ended up with only scrapes and torn clothing. Not this time, though.

I am pleased to say the Emergency Room was empty on Saturday morning. And after seeing my wound (and cringing!) they called in a plastic surgeon. Yeah - get this - I got a Fifth Avenue plastic surgeon to work on my wound! How cool is this?!

Just after going down hard though, before assessing which body parts needed medical attention, with blood gushing out of a huge cut on my chin, bone exposed... - what did I do first? I stopped the Garmin GPS Forerunner... So, you know, later, when I log things - so that later I get accurate data on speed and distance...Reflex. Pathetic, I know.

I can eat much faster than I can run.
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