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Default e-diets fresh food, Medifast, Nutrisystem

E-diets fresh food delivery- The breakfast was nothing I could not put together myself. The lunches and dinners were pretty large and kept me full. The snacks were often not what I had picked and nothing I could not buy in a regular store. Sometimes some food came broken. I had to add fruits and dairy to maintain 1200 calories a day and then I lost about 20 pounds and kept it off a while. This was the best diet but it is expensive.

Medifast seems to add fiber to their meals, which are kind of edible. They made me feel full throughout the day. I juiced for a while and that made me like vegetables more and sweets less. I lost 20 lbs but when stopped, I gained it back.

Nutrisystem, I lost about 20 pounds but gained it back and more. It left me starving. The plan I was on only chose small portions of pasta with sauce for dinners. I could do that. Most lunch meals are spicy and I have acid reflux. When I chose my own foods (paying extra), the other choices were disgusting. The bars are tasty but I can eat about five in one sitting. This is the only diet that made me crave and think about food all the time. Their snacks are very high in calories but tasty.

I now am cutting down significantly on meat after watching Vegicated and am looking into unconventional foods like pearled barley bowls and such.

All in all, my problem is there are days when I forget to eat meals and days when I have migraines and I can't eat. Then there are days that I don't stop eating. I need a well balanced, high fiber diet and time to work off stress and drink more water so I will focus on that.
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