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Evening all. It is so smoky here that it is causiang my head to hurt a bit. I cannot go out side to work or play. It is just nasty. This morning it looked looked almost like fog.
In the last three weeks I have noticed a difference in my Left leg. It is always bigger then the right. Ever since I burned my left foot, it and my leg to the knee seem pron toswelling. Today I noticed that the swelling has gone down. It took three weeks and a lot a motivation.
One of my best firends, since the first day og High school, lost her husband of nine years just before memorial day. He weighed a lot to much is legs so swollen he could not move much.He got pnemonia and it went septic and kiled him. I have spent the rest of the summer looking at myself and what I was eating. I looked at my legs and my stomach, which rests on my thighs. I came to realization athat I did not want to go that way. So here I am Striffing to get the weight off so my life will be worth living and not let the weight kill me likle it did him.
Sorry to be so sad to day. maybe it is the smoke. We are surrounded by fires. Nyda
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