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Bad habits, oh where to even begin?

I get up at 4:45am, no problem, but I never seem to jump on the elliptical or get the workout video going right away. Nope, I dilly dog around, log on to fitday, get my water, weigh myself on the Wii (maybe play a balance game or six), make a pot of coffee and, oh look there isn't time to do the full workout now. Uh? How is that possible soooo many days in a row anyway?

I can buy that box of Fudgesicles, cause they are only 60 calories each. The problem is they come out of the box in pairs, so really they are 120 calories an episode. And the episodes lately have been 1-2 every day.

I can't seem to measure out an ounce of cheese, okay I measure out the ounce and then hack off a piece that doesn't go on the scale and pop that into my mouth. If it doesn't get measured, it doesn't count right?

I could go on and on, but I don't want to give any of you my bad bad habits.
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