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Hi Teri

Weekend warriors! Nice to see you here and on-line! Is it a long weekend there? I think not. Our Labour Day is Monday.

I think it's great that you have those stairs. The small things that matter. So even though you are not able to start a fitness routine you are at least moving!.

So where oh where are my fruit and vegetable competitors this weekend? I had six servings this am in my smoothie.......I am really finding this is helping me think more about getting these in and it is reducing the overall calories that I consume. I can't imagine anyone consuming 9 servings a day long term and being overweight. As a result of all these vegs I have been eating no grains.

Jenn I wonder about the salads. I don't really think Bob Barker is an expert. That was strange. I too think 800 cals a day is not enough.......but I guess it depends on sex, weight, height, muscle mass, fitness etc.

I went for an hour long walk. It is hot! I should have went earlier. I played out the dog, she'll probably sleep the rest of the day.

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